Positive report on Rhiannon Ward after spot-check inspection

elin bronglais (2)

I would like to offer my biggest congratulations to the staff at Bronglais Hospital following an unannounced inspection by Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW).

The ‘Dignity and Essential Care’ inspection of Rhiannon Ward concluded that the staff were friendly, approachable and organised, and sought at all times to ensure a positive experience for patients.

While some areas for improvement were identified, mainly around better arrangements for keeping records, the report was generally very positive, and noted good leadership and standards of cleanliness.

This report shows a real dedication to high standards in patient care. Staff in our NHS are often stretched, and the areas identified as needing further work in this report – such as cumbersome record-keeping – are reflective of this.

But the overall conclusion is that the ward is maintained to high standards of cleanliness, that patients are well cared-for even if they have complex needs, with some truly exemplary aspects of good practice.

I hope that the Hospital and the Health Board will respond positively to the minor issues raised, but we can be proud of the standards shown by this inspection.

This shows that a stronger system of inspection by Health Inspectorate Wales, which I have called for for some time, can be a very positive force in maintaining and improving standards. It also strengthens the argument for moving in the longer term to a paperless NHS, so that staff can be freed to care for patients and record-keeping is less of a burden.


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