Labour Party shuts down debate on the Welsh NHS

This morning in the National Assembly’s Health Committee, the Labour Party seemed intent on shutting down debate as Labour committee members voted down my proposal to hear evidence from the Labour MP Ann Clwyd.
I proposed to invite Mrs Clwyd to the committee to hear evidence from her about her correspondence from patients in the Welsh NHS, but it was voted down on block by Labour members.
I’m dismayed at the decision; the Welsh Government seems to be burying its head in the sand instead of working constructively to build a better health service.
Ann Clwyd has gained valuable information on the Welsh NHS from a patient perspective from the work that she has done.
This could have been an important opportunity to share her conclusions and would have allowed the committee to scrutinise her work in terms of the information that she has gathered from Welsh patients.
I know that I have constituents in Ceredigion who wrote to Ann Clwyd and they have been outraged by the First Minister’s attack on her last week and they will be furious about this refusal.


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