Cardigan Hospital: Grim news from the Health Board

It’s been confirmed that Hywel Dda Health Board is to close the remaining beds at Cardigan Hospital.

This is a terrible decision by Health Board. They will probably say that they took this decision because of concerns over the safety of the current service. But the reality is that Cardigan Hospital has suffered numerous cuts over the past few months, and has become seriously under-staffed. Local councillors and I have been asking for answers from the Health Board regularly for some time, as there were obviously concerns in the area, we know now that the Board’s words of reassurance were empty ones.

Now, therefore, there will not be permanent beds in Cardigan, while some day services will continue. The Board will increase the number of beds in Tregaron and try to reach a partnership with local old people’s homes to provide additional care. But it is no consolation to the people of Cardigan , who deserve real care locally.

Where, then, does this leave the long-awaited plans for a new hospital? I’m more determined than ever to see the work begin. The chairman of Hywel Dda Board has told me today that the plan is to proceed with a new hospital which will include beds. But the Board have a long way to go to to restore my faith – and the faith of people in Cardigan people – in their commitment. I will convene a meeting with the Board and local representatives as soon as possible, to hold them to account for their decision, and to obtain assurances for the future.


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