Cylch Caron update

I am hopeful that the Welsh Government will soon be in a position to sign-off on the strategic business case for the Cylch Caron in development, so that work on the next stage of the project can commence. In the most recent letter I received on this matter from the Welsh Government, the Housing Minister confirmed his commitment to the project and indicated that he will be providing £100,000 for the next stage of the scheme. I’m sure that you will agree that this is very welcome news, and means that we are a step closer towards seeing a new integrated health and social care centre at Tregaron.

However, the Welsh Government will not approve further any development of the project until it has received confirmation that there was no opposition to the proposals during the recent consultation on the future shape of local healthcare services. I have therefore now contacted the Health Board to see when it will be in a position to provide the necessary confirmation and I very much hope that this won’t be a problem. After all, there wasn’t a formal question on the Cylch Caron development in the recent consultation!


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